Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fan girl Schedule

In my quest to become a true American, or maybe out of sheer boredom, I've recently started mimicking the behavior of any desperate teenage fangirl the american way. Except my age is closer to 30 than it is to KStew's. Does that make me pathetic? Maybe. The good news is, thanks to this blog, I can pretend I'm just doing it for the sake of sociological purposes, in order to maximize my american experience. (Trust me, if you were going to live in a country where movies open 3 months after the US premiere, and where the dubbed voices make you want to tear your hair out, you would want to delve into the authentic fan experience before leaving too.

And the truth is, I am soooo excited for the next few weeks, I could celebrate-dance naked in the street!

It starts Tonight with my First Girl Crush Ever (and remember, I'm not a teenager anymore), the wonderful Kristen Stewart on Jay Leno.

Tomorrow, Eclipse Trailer. (I'm actually wheezing with excitement)

On Friday, I'm going to see Remember Me. (Wheezing gets worse)

On Saturday, I'm going to see The Yellow Handkerchief (still hasn't opened where I live).

Friday march 19th, New Moon DVD release party at Borders (and I'm not even ashamed to be going by myself, although it sucks not having anyone to share the moment with).

Friday March 19th or April 9th, depends on which day it comes to my theater, THE RUNAWAYS! (OMG I can't wait!!!!)

In the meantime, I'll keep checking compulsively all the Twilight related blogs and staring at my Twitter for more news and contests (which I always enter and somehow never win).

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